Read the paper that's in a class by itself. The working Class. Read The People.

Control of our news sources by monopoly corporations has an enormous impact on the kind of information most people in the United States receive. Every day we get our impression of what's going on at home and abroad from sources whose primary concern is to make a profit.

Most people wouldn't seek out Ford or GM as the best sources to consult about auto safety or the electronics industry about industrial waste. But too many rely on the same capitalist interests for their news. As a result, they get a picture of world and national events that serves the interests of the tiny ruling class that owns and controls the means of life.

The People , the Socialist Labor Party's monthly journal, serves class interests, too—working-class interests. Strikes, unemployment trends, international affairs, the environment—you'll find them discussed in The People from the workers' point of view. In fact, The People has been the workers' advocate since 1891.

These are some of the reasons why working people should read The People.

The People

The People; Published by the Socialist Labor Party. Established in 1891.

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